T. Shelf (Plywood)
by J1 Studio

T8_v1 (plywood and zip-ties)

Designed by Jae Won Cho aka. J1 studio, T. Shelf (Triangular Shelf) is a modular system that can be built into multiple shapes with various functions. Using the strongest geometric shape, the triangle, the T. Shelf system creates structures that develop into sculptural pieces. The width, the length, and the depth of the T. Shelf system can vary and grow indefinately. It can be expressed as floor or wall pieces.





T14_v2 (w/objects)

T8_v2 (green plywood)

T28_v1 (white plywood)

T. Shelf (T64 _corner variation) installed at Design Matters in Los Angeles

T. Shelf (T93) installed at M.A.D.E. in Los Angeles

Some Collective / Seoul / Los Angeles /2019